Singapore Energy Summit

ORGANISER Energy Market Authority
DATE 23 October 2023
VENUE Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
In-person only


Session 1 – Net Zero Asia

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This session will explore how governments, international institutions and industries can work together towards a Net Zero Asia. Speakers will share their perspectives on the strategies needed to support the energy transition and meet net zero goals, while ensuring security and resiliency in the energy systems.

  • What are the strategies needed to maintain the momentum towards a sustainable energy future in Asia?
  • How can we manage the twin challenge of security and resiliency in the face of an increasing volatile energy landscape?
  • What are the gaps that that governments, international institutions, and industries will need to address, to realise a net zero energy future?
  • How can Asian countries enhance collaborations towards a net zero energy future?

Special Session – Hydrogen as the Future of Net Zero Energy

The panel will explore the current developments of hydrogen technologies and its related opportunities and challenges. Speakers will discuss the potential applications of hydrogen in various sectors, including transportation and industry, technological innovations required to scale-up hydrogen to meet the demand for net zero energy, as well as key principles stakeholders should work towards to accelerate the production, utilisation and trade of hydrogen.

  • How can hydrogen be integrated with other low-carbon solutions for a more resilient energy system?
  • What are the technical and economic challenges associated with hydrogen production and storage?
  • How can Asia transition to using hydrogen as a future energy source and integrate it into existing energy systems?
  • How can we facilitate commercial and international partnership to enhance global trade in low-carbon hydrogen and the establishment of resilient and diversified hydrogen supply chains?

Session 2 – Intensifying Net Zero Innovation

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This session will discuss key and evolving technologies and innovation, that will be instrumental in forging a net zero future. The panel will discuss barriers and the opportunities that the global community will need to address to unlock the full potential of these technologies.

  • What are the challenges and opportunities associated with low-carbon technologies such as hydrogen, ammonia and CCUS?
  • What are the promising areas for future research and development in low-carbon technologies, and how can we encourage more collaboration and innovation across sectors and borders to support these efforts?
  • How can low-carbon technologies be better deployed and become more economically viable in the long run?

Session 3 – Securing Green Financing for a Net Zero Future

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This session will highlight the role of green financing towards net zero. Speakers will share their perspectives on financing strategies and instruments that could enable the region to enhance the bankability of clean energy projects in support of regional interconnectivity.

  • What are some risks that could affect the bankability of projects and how can these be mitigated?
  • How can public-private partnership and international institutions scale-up green financing and develop new financing mechanisms to support the transition to net zero?
  • What are the barriers and incentives to attract new capital and investments to support the deployment of renewables and low-carbon energy technologies in the region?
  • How can we foster international collaboration to develop low-cost financing solutions that can support the energy transition?

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