Asian Downstream Summit & Asian Refining Technology Conference (ARTC)

ORGANISER Clarion Events
CONFERENCE DATE 26-27 October 2022
EXHIBITION DATE 26-27 October 2022
VENUE Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
In-person only

Asian Downstream Summit Overview

The Asian Downstream Summit (ADS) is Asia’s most influential downstream oil and gas event; A globally recognised brand, ADS brings together senior industry leaders and decision-makers from all across the downstream value chain to discuss the most pertinent issues and challenges that the industry faces today, and what can be done to overcome them.

Held together with the Asian Refining Technology Conference (ARTC), the ADS agenda focuses on the theme of “Reconfiguring the Industry for the Global Energy Transition”, and explores the various ways that refiners can successfully integrate sustainability into their operations and, ultimately, achieve sustainable operational excellence in ever-evolving market conditions.

The programme will also examine how refiners can cope with a diversifying workforce, with changing skillsets and mindsets, and how the industry can attract and motivate this workforce of the future. How can technology aid in upskilling and transforming a workforce, and where does all this fit into the journey toward a circular economy?

Asian Downstream Summit 2022 Conference Themes

  • Outlining the decarbonisation roadmap
  • Realising exceptional plant performance through data science and advanced technology
  • Driving plant improvements, achieving operational excellence and improving quality through asset management and IoT
  • Using big data and machine learning for process monitoring, optimisation and prediction
  • Digital Twins – applications in refining and petrochemicals
  • Managing carbon in the fossil-fuel-based value chain
  • Future challenges for industrial cybersecurity
  • Motivating the workforce of the futuren
  • Meeting expectations of young engineers in the decarbonisation era
  • Advances in cybersecurity technologies
  • Renewing, retooling and re-energising the workforce, and ensuring their relevancy in a fast-changing external world
  • Taking integrated approaches to combat cyber risks in refineries
  • Global downstream refining and petrochemical outlook

Asian Refining Technology Conference (ARTC) Overview

Against the global landscape of accelerating change throughout the oil & gas industry, the Asian Refining Technology Conference (ARTC) is the key meeting point where thought-leaders look to the future, to embrace change and capture new opportunities to deliver profitable market growth and value creation across the downstream oil and gas supply chain.

Co-located with Asian Downstream Summit, this year’s ARTC programme will focus on the theme of “Reconfiguring the Industry for the Global Energy Transition”, and will gather leaders across the ASEAN region, as they discuss pertinent topics including the evolution and modernisation of the region’s refining and petrochemicals industry, consequences of the digital wave, and the sustainability of current energy goals set in the market.

ARTC 2022 anticipates a strong turnout, hosting national oil companies (NOCs), integrated oil companies (IOCs), engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors, consultants, financiers, law firms, technology providers, digital vendors, and service companies – all of whom play an active role in the global downstream oil & gas value chain.

Asian Refining Technology Conference (ARTC) Themes

  • The way ahead for Singapore’s refining and petrochemicals market
  • Building a sustainable plant – environmentally sound, circular and community-focused
  • Examining FCC and catalyst advancements
  • Insights into how technology can overcome challenges in Asia’s downstream oil and gas
  • Biofuels and alternate fuel production
  • Hydrogen’s place in the market as an aviation fuel
  • Putting the sustainability agenda at the forefront
  • Digitalisation as a key lever toward the advancement of the energy transition
  • Integrating plastic recycling in petrochemical and refining assets
  • Creating an energy efficiency action plan for the plants of the future
  • Navigating the industry’s new normal in a post-COVID world
  • Balancing sustainability with ROI
  • Taking the next step in the hydrogen economy

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