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SIEW Summit

ORGANISER Energy Market Authority
DATE 25 October 2022
TIME 09:20 – 09:40 hrs (GMT +8)
VENUE Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
In-person only

The SIEW Summit includes EMA’s anchor events; the Singapore Energy Lecture, SIEW Opening Keynote and Singapore Energy Summit. The SIEW Summit facilitates high-level dialogue on energy issues through keynotes, panel discussions and audience participation.

A Resilient and Sustainable Energy Future

The global energy community has accelerated the pursuit of a greener future. Post COP26, there is strong momentum for countries to do more to decarbonise their economies and ride the green wave to reduce emissions. Recent events have also shown how sensitive energy markets are to geopolitical events, pushing energy security to the forefront of global agenda. Our energy systems must continue to evolve and be resilient to these developments. Asia, which accounts for almost half of the global energy demand, faces urgency to accelerate the deployment of renewables, fortify grid infrastructure, strengthen supply chain resilience of key fuels and develop regional interconnections to enhance security while keeping electricity accessible and affordable. Massive investments into regional grid connections, green infrastructure, electrification, green financing, technologies and supply chains for hydrogen and carbon capture utilisation, and storage would be needed to support the clean energy transition.

Against this backdrop, the 15th SIEW will bring together global energy stakeholders to address the theme “A Resilient and Sustainable Energy Future”. How do we ensure secure, diverse and resilient energy supply even as the world undergoes an energy transition? How can governments and industry work together to catalyse regional grid development and global supply chains for hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation and storage? How can we advance the development of renewable energy solutions such as solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal and nuclear? How can we create an enabling environment to enhance innovation, research & development, and global collaboration in the energy transition? What are the opportunities and challenges as the region scales up investments for a green economy, and what roles can investors and financiers play?

Time (GMT 8+)Session
09:20 – 09:40 hrs SIEW Summit Opening Address
Mr Gan Kim Yong
Minister for Trade and Industry
Republic of Singapore
Singapore Energy Award Presentation Ceremony

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