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SIEW Summit

ORGANISER Energy Market Authority
DATE 23 October 2023
TIME 09:00 – 16:10 hrs (GMT +8)
VENUE Level 5, Sands Grand Ballroom, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
In-person only

Qualified for 4 PDUs by Professional Engineers Board (PEB)

SIEW Theme 2023: Energy Transition Towards A Net Zero World

The uncertain economic outlook, high energy prices, growing energy demand and rising emissions continue to pose challenges to global efforts towards a net zero future. A paradigm shift is needed to sustain the energy transition and galvanise international efforts to respond to the challenges of our time. Our energy systems must continue to evolve and remain adaptable. Technological innovation and investments will be crucial to support the development of regional interconnectivity and the electrification of end-users, while infrastructure and the resiliency of supply chains must be strengthened to unlock the full potential of low-carbon alternatives such as hydrogen to manage energy demand in the longer-term.

In the lead up to COP 28, the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2023 provides a platform for international energy leaders to discuss pertinent issues in the Energy Transition Towards A Net Zero World. How can Asia strengthen pathways towards a net zero energy future while ensuring security and resiliency? Where are the financing and investment gaps that must be addressed to scale the bankability of renewable and low-carbon technologies such as hydrogen? What policies can governments and industries put in place to better deploy technologies to decarbonise and accelerate electrification? How can governments, multilateral institutions and industry leaders work together to support the energy transition for a net zero future?

Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Trade and Industry, Republic of Singapore

Francesco La Camera, Director-General, International Renewable Energy Agency


Francesco La Camera, Director-General, International Renewable Energy Agency

Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Temasek

Moderator: Rachel Kelly, Sustainability Correspondent

The Leaders’ Dialogue on “Road to Net Zero” features influential leaders proactively addressing critical challenges impeding Asia’s journey to a sustainable and net zero future. At the heart of this transformation lies a pivotal factor – innovative financing strategies and just transition. The convergence of governments, international organisation, financial institutions, and industries aims to create a new financial paradigm aligned with net zero goals. Through a narrative of collaboration, visionary ideas and engagement in dynamic conversation within the realm of financing, this discussion is committed to accelerate our trajectory towards a resilient and net zero future. It will also explore solutions that address the critical challenges impeding the just energy transition journey.

  • What role can Governments, International Organisations and financial institutions play in creating a conducive environment to support investments for a net zero and just energy transition?
  • What are the technology pathways and barriers in enhancing the global share of renewable energy by 2030?
  • What creative approaches and solutions can be explored in the future of financing?
  • What are the key challenges in facilitating bankable and cross-border financing for renewable energy initiatives and projects across Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region?

Singapore Energy Summit

Presented by:


H.E. Keo Rottanak, Minister of Mines and Energy, Kingdom of Cambodia

Ir. Jisman Parada Hutajulu, Director General of Electricity of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource, Republic of Indonesia

Jin Wei, Executive Vice President, State Grid Corporation of China

Liang Ting Wee, President, TotalEnergies Asia Pacific & Middle East - Marketing & Services, Country Chair, TotalEnergies in Singapore

Lim Wee Seng, Group Head of Energy, Renewables and Infrastructure, DBS Bank

Moderator: Martin Houston, Vice Chairman, Tellurian Inc

This session will explore how governments, international institutions and industries can work together towards a Net Zero Asia. Speakers will share their perspectives on the strategies needed to support the energy transition and meet net zero goals, while ensuring security and resiliency in the energy systems.

  • What are the strategies needed to maintain the momentum towards a sustainable energy future in Asia?
  • How can we manage the twin challenge of security and resiliency in the face of an increasing volatile energy landscape?
  • What are the gaps that that governments, international institutions, and industries will need to address, to realise a net zero energy future?
  • How can Asian countries enhance collaborations towards a net zero energy future?

Special Address:

The Hon. Chris Bowen MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Australia (Federal)

Keynote Presented by:

Mark Gainsborough, Chairman of the Board, Seatrium

Matt Sheehy, Chief Executive Officer, Tallgrass

Presented by:


Mary Burce Warlick, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency

Mikhail Chudakov, Deputy Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Chris Powers, Vice President, Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage, Chevron New Energies

Toshiro Kudama, Chief Executive Officer, JERA Asia

Irtiza Sayyed, President, Asia Pacific, ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions

Moderator: Dr Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer, World Energy Council

This session will discuss key and evolving technologies and innovation, that will be instrumental in forging a net zero future. The panel will discuss barriers and the opportunities that the global community will need to address to unlock the full potential of these technologies.

  • What are the challenges and opportunities associated with low-carbon technologies such as hydrogen, ammonia and CCUS?
  • What are the promising areas for future research and development in low-carbon technologies, and how can we encourage more collaboration and innovation across sectors and borders to support these efforts?
  • How can low-carbon technologies be better deployed and become more economically viable in the long run?

Presented by:


Hon. Reece Whitby MLA, Minister for Environment; Climate Action; Racing and Gaming, Western Australia

Vipul Tuli, Chairman, South Asia, Chief Executive Officer, Hydrogen Business, Sembcorp Industries

Takao Tsukui, Executive Vice President, International Sales and Marketing, Mitsubishi Power

Ronnie Chalmers, Chief Executive Officer of the Asia Pacific Hub, Air Liquide

Moderator: Paula Conboy, Board Member of PJM Interconnection and Senior Counsel, Sussex Strategy Group

The panel will explore the current developments of hydrogen technologies and its related opportunities and challenges. Speakers will discuss the potential applications of hydrogen in various sectors, including transportation and industry, technological innovations required to scale-up hydrogen to meet the demand for net zero energy, as well as key principles stakeholders should work towards to accelerate the production, utilisation and trade of hydrogen.

  • How can hydrogen be integrated with other low-carbon solutions for a more resilient energy system?
  • What are the technical and economic challenges associated with hydrogen production and storage?
  • How can Asia transition to using hydrogen as a future energy source and integrate it into existing energy systems?
  • How can we facilitate commercial and international partnership to enhance global trade in low-carbon hydrogen and the establishment of resilient and diversified hydrogen supply chains?


Rachmat Kaimuddin, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Transportation Coordination, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment, Republic of Indonesia

Li Rui, Chief Executive Officer, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau

Presented by:


Gillian Tan, Chief Sustainability Officer and Assistant Managing Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Justin Oliver, Board Member, Australian Energy Regulator

Yuki Yasui, Managing Director, APAC, The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ)

Tatsushi Amano, Managing Executive Officer, Global Head of Energy and Natural Resources Finance Group, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)

Moderator: Peter Rawlings, Global Industry Lead – Finance Sector, ERM

This session will highlight the role of the financial sector for green financing towards net zero. Speakers will share their perspectives on financing strategies that could accelerate the energy transition, and instruments that could enable the region to enhance the bankability of clean energy projects in support of regional interconnectivity.

  • Given the socio-economic and geopolitical diversity of the region, what are the major risks that the financial community is navigating? What is your approach to identify and manage these risks?
  • How can public-private partnership and international institutions scale-up green financing and develop new financing mechanisms to support the transition to net zero?
  • What are the barriers and incentives to attract new capital and investments to support the deployment of renewables and low-carbon energy technologies in the region?
  • How can we foster international collaboration to develop low-cost financing solutions that can support the energy transition?


H.E. Felix Fuentebella, Undersecretary of Energy, Republic of the Philippines

Suzanne Gaboury, Director General of the Private Sector Operations Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, International Solar Alliance

Dr Cheng Qian, Executive President, Gotion Global

Alan Heng, Group Chief Executive Officer, Pavilion Energy

Roberto Lorato, Director and Chief Executive Officer, MedcoEnergi

Moderator: Tatsuya Terazawa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)

The "Energy Transition Roadmap" closing session serves as the apex of our discussions and explore into the profound dimensions of our journey towards a sustainable and net zero energy future in Asia. As we delve into multifaceted landscape of sustainability, net zero emissions, and resilience, we will uncover critical steps and strategies that will guide us along the Energy Transition Roadmap. From decarbonisation strategies and grid integration to policy frameworks and investment opportunities, the discussion aims to foster a contemplative dialogue where the spotlight is on the holistic vision that will define the future of energy in Asia.

  • How does our collective vision for Asia's energy landscape evolve as we progress along the Energy Transition Roadmap towards sustainability and net zero emissions?
  • Amid the multifaceted landscape of sustainability, net zero emissions and resilience, what strategies and approaches should be considered to ensure the long-term viability of Asia’s energy transition?
  • In the context of fostering a contemplative dialogue, what role do cutting-edge technologies play in facilitating cross-border grid interconnections, enabling efficient energy exchange and collaboration between regions?
  • Looking beyond conventional approaches, what innovative financing models and instruments are emerging to mobilise capital for renewable energy projects?

Special Address:

H.E. Sakai Yasuyuki, State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan

Programme is subject to changes.

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