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Episode 2 Can LNG shine a light on Asia's path to net zero?

Martin Housto

Martin Houston

Vice Chairman

Tellurian Inc

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Prevailing world events have raised a central question: how can Asia balance its net zero ambitions with escalating energy security imperatives? In this episode of SIEWCast, host Rachel Kelly engages Tellurian's Vice-Chairman Martin Houston in conversation on how Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) could critically shift the balance of power.

Show Notes:

In this episode, we discuss…

  1. The future of LNG alongside the rise of renewables.
  2. LNG's market outlook—and where most of the demand is going.
  3. A balancing act for Asia's energy needs and climate goals.
  4. LNG's trading opportunities in Asia.
  5. How Tellurian is helping to shape "A Resilient and Sustainable Energy Future" for the region.

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Key Takeaway

01:13 |The global energy crisis has spurred the realisation that the world still needs fossil fuels to support its net zero journey. Natural gas—as the cleanest fossil fuel—could help power Asia's energy transition as a foundational resource.

02:45 |Natural gas in the liquid form of LNG is preferred over pipeline gas, as the former is more efficient and easier to transport and store.

03:43 |Asia is expected to account for 95% of worldwide LNG demand growth between 2020 and 2022.

03:59 |LNG demand will fall into three different buckets comprising the traditional markets, China as an independent market, and the new Asian markets.

06:28 |LNG trading opportunities in Asia can be expected to flourish not just in energy trading, but also in carbon trading.

09:49 |Other opportunities arising from LNG infrastructure development in the region could range from more LNG terminals to greater bunkering prospects.

10:34 |Construction work has begun on Driftwood LNG. This will see the export facility eventually deliver LNG globally to any country that needs it, regardless of any trade agreements with the US.

12:31 |Understanding LNG's role in powering the energy transition will be key to building a sustainable future.

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