Episode 4
Supporting Singapore’s transition from brown to green

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Mr Koh Chiap Khiong

CEO, Singapore and Southeast Asia

Sembcorp Industries

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Singapore is now one of the world’s most solar-dense cities . Will Singapore reach its net zero target by 2050?  In this episode of SIEWCast, host Rachel Kelly engages Sembcorp Industries’ CEO of Singapore and Southeast Asia, Koh Chiap Khiong in conversation on how Sembcorp is supporting Singapore in its net-zero future.

Show Notes:

In this episode, we discuss…

  1. Sembcorp’s involvement in supporting Singapore’s 2050 net-zero target.
  2. Opportunities for Sembcorp in Southeast Asia.
  3. Steps to ensure a smooth energy transition in the region.
  4. Other technological breakthroughs after natural gas.
  5. How Sembcorp is helping to shape "A Resilient and Sustainable Energy Future" for Singapore.

Key Takeaways:

1:10 | Sembcorp’s strategic plan in transforming their portfolio from brown to green.

1:56| As the largest solar developer in Singapore, Sembcorp has met nearly one-third of Singapore’s 2025 target of 1.5 gigawatts renewables capacity.

2:45 | Solar is not the only solution to achieve net zero. There are other solutions such as hydrogen, carbon capture, utilisation & storage technology.

4:28| With presence in Vietnam and Indonesia, Sembcorp is working towards exporting their capabilities in Southeast Asia.

5:54| To meet energy growth demand in a sustainable way, the energy transition must consider reliability, energy security, and affordability.

6:05| There is a need for clear approaches in funding, energy infrastructure upgrades, reforming regulatory frameworks, and developing green energy skill sets.

9:57| Sembcorp is collaborating with partners in developing low carbon hydrogen technology.

11:10| Besides moving from high to low carbon generation assets, it is important to build a robust ecosystem.

Additional Resources:

Koh Chiap Khiong Bio

Sembcorp’s renewables portfolio [1:56]

Sembcorp’s sustainable solutions [2:45]

Sembcorp’s regional presence [4:28]

Sembcorp’s partnerships in hydrogen trading [9:57]

 You can download a copy of the transcript of this episode here.

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