Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N)

Achieving our Net Zero Strategy through Technology

Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N)
DATE 28 October 2022
TIME 10:30 - 12:00 hrs
Marina Bay Sands, Orchid 4211 (Room), Level 4, Singapore

Achieving “net zero” requires investing and enhancing the pace of change across the energy landscape to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Against the backdrop of global energy developments and the impetus to align the global energy transition with our climate goals, developing a net-zero strategy requires a holistic strategy and plan to advance and secure a sustainable and resilient energy future. Focusing on the five key pillars of Energy Efficiency, Electrification, Renewables (with a focus on geothermal), Fuel Diversification and Carbon Capture, this Roundtable will bring together leading industry and academic leaders who will put forth various strategy and projects covering a comprehensive and integrated net-zero approach.

They include:

  1. MEDS Venture Global Pte Ltd : Covering the methodology to reach Net Zero
  2. NTU: presenting on a project on geothermal energy in Singapore
  3. Infraprime : showcase its net Zero solution for data centres using Methane Fuel Cells
  4. Schneider Electric : Distribution 4.0

Programme Details

Introduction and Presentation of the Participants

MEDS (Multi Energy Decarbonized Solutions): by Stefano Mazzoni PhD - CTO at MEDS

Developing a Net Zero strategy by taking into account the environment

  • What a Net Zero solution is aiming for ?
  • Can a net Zero solution reduce drastically the operating cost ?
  • How do we support our customers to reach Net Zero?

Infraprime: by Alberto Ravagni PhD  - CEO Infraprime

Net zero resilient energy solutions for data centres integrated in urban communities
The solution will cover a full-fledged net zero solution for a data centre and the use of captured carbon for urban cooling.

Schneider Electric: by Manish Pant – President Schneider APAC

Electricity 4.0 – Powering The New Electric World
Today, we are on the brink of Electricity 4.0 – a convergence of digital and electric, which we believe is the key to a sustainable and resilient new electric world. Proven to be 3-5x more efficient than other sources, electricity is the most efficient energy and best vector for decarbonization. By 2040, the share of electricity in everything we do will double to at least 40% of final energy consumption and 6x more electricity will be generated from solar and wind. With digital innovation, the invisible becomes visible, eliminating waste and driving efficiency. Smart devices, apps, analytics, and software enable us to deploy smart energy more efficiently, meaning we can address a huge amount of untapped potential for energy savings. In this session, we will take a closer look into Electricity 4.0 and discover how electricity, coupled with disruptive technologies, are impacting everything around us, including our buildings, industries, infrastructure, and grids.

NTU ERIAN: by Prof Alessandro Romagnoli @ NTU

A look into Singapore geothermal potential
Hot springs and high heat flow within Singapore suggest a potential for feasible geothermal energy extraction. Deep slim hole drilling into Singapore granite for geological and subsurface temperature data is ongoing. Computer model development and study on potential applications of the heat energy for power generation, space cooling and desalination are in progress.



Mr Manish Pant

Zone President, East Asia & Japan

Schneider Electric


Dr Alberto Ravagni

Co-founder, Climate Neutral Clean Energy Architect
Managing Director



Dr Stefano Mazzoni

Co-founder & Partner

MEDS Venture Global Pte Ltd


Prof Alessandro Romagnoli

Co-Director of NTU Surbana Jurong Corporate Lab, Cluster Director, Multi Energy Systems & Grids

Energy Research Institute @ NTU

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