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Future of the Grid

ORGANISER Clarion Events
DATE 23 October 2024
URL https://www.enlit-asia.com/the-future-of-the-grid/

Power grids are the backbone of a modern energy system and key enabler in the global energy transition. The convergence of renewable energy, sustainability, and technological innovation is currently reshaping the industry landscape. With the growing urgency to decarbonize the energy sector, it has become even more critical for Southeast Asian countries to establish flexible and reliable grids.

As part of the Energy Market Authority’s Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), Future of the Grid is Singapore’s only grid-focused event, serving as a cornerstone gathering for policymakers and regulators, electrical utilities and grid operators, technology providers, and energy consumers to forge crucial discussions on advancing grid development strategies and map a way forward for the energy transition.

Taking place on 23 October 2024, Future of the Grid delivers expert knowledge and forward-looking insights from the region's power and energy thought leaders to explore the strategies for the national’s power grid in setting up a solid base as the region prepares for the coming wave of increased renewables and imported electricity.

ASEAN Energy Regulatory Forum

Building on the success of FOTG’s ASEAN Energy Regulatory Forum, this unique platform encompassing high-level topics for regional governments and stakeholders to engage in strategic dialogue on policy and regulatory developments and map a way forward for the global energy transition.

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