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SIEW Summit

ORGANISER Energy Market Authority
DATE 21 October 2024

As the energy world strives to triple renewables and double energy efficiency, more needs to be done to strengthen energy security and resilience. By 2025, a third of the world’s electricity will come from renewables, with electricity demand still set to grow.

There is an urgent need to modernise power grids, strengthen regional interconnectivity, enable greater cross-border power trade to optimise resources, and to expand green sustainable financing and carbon markets. More international collaboration, joint investment, and R&D into low-carbon technologies such as hydrogen and geothermal energy are pivotal for accelerating deployment. The global energy community will also need to transition effectively in a just, orderly, and equitable manner which improves the lives of all citizens.

The Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2024 brings together visionary energy leaders to address these pressing issues to identify growth opportunities, areas for inclusive cooperation, as well as pragmatic actions towards a decarbonised energy future. Key topics include interconnected energy ecosystems, low-carbon technologies, green and transition finance, as well as innovative energy markets.

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