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SIEWConnects@Rotterdam: Harnessing Hydrogen and Low Carbon Innovations

DATE 23 April 2024
TIME 12:30 – 2PM
VENUE Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam, Netherlands

Amidst the global push for sustainable energy solutions, the pivotal role of hydrogen and low carbon innovations in driving the energy transition has come to the forefront, poised to play a transformative role in reshaping the global energy landscape.

While the integration of hydrogen and low carbon innovations into the energy landscape offers numerous advantages, there are challenges to their widespread use, including adoption and production costs, technology maturity, as well as policy and regulatory frameworks. In Asia and Europe, many countries face the dual challenge of meeting its growing energy demand while transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable sources, necessitating solutions such as augmenting renewable capacity and developing carbon-reducing technologies.

SIEWConnects@Rotterdam will bring together industry experts and leaders to discuss the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier, its integration into existing energy systems, innovations in low carbon technologies, and policy and regulatory measures to support the deployment of hydrogen and low carbon innovations at scale. This session will also explore the potential opportunities for collaboration on hydrogen and low carbon innovations between Asia and Europe. 

*SIEWConnects@Rotterdam is held on the sidelines of the 26th World Energy Congress. To join the event, individuals must be registered attendees of the 26th World Energy Congress.


12:30 hrs Registration
13:00 hrs Welcome Remarks
 Panel Discussion on Harnessing Hydrogen and Low Carbon Innovations
  • Naomi Hirose, Chair, Impact, World Energy Council and Chair, Japan Energy Association
  • Marcel van de Kar, Senior Vice President and Global Lead for Hydrogen, Vopak
  • Dr Roland Roesch, Director, Innovation Technology Centre, International Renewable Energy Agency
  • Lieuwe Brouwer, Senior Advisor Energy Transition, City of Rotterdam
  • Paul Nillesen, Global Utilities Advisory Leader, Partner, PwC Netherlands (Moderator)
13:30 hrs Networking

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