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SIEWConnects@Shanghai: Charting towards a Clean Energy Future

DATE 14 June 2024
VENUE Shanghai

The escalating climate crisis demands a paradigm shift in energy generation and consumption. The latest World Energy Transitions Outlook by IRENA highlights the need to triple renewable energy by 2030. Renewable energy technologies such as solar, energy storage system, hydrogen and CCUS are key levers towards this goal.

While advancements in renewable energy technologies have led to increased efficiency and reduced costs, unlocking the full potential of these requires significant investment.

Join industry leaders and financial pioneers in an engaging dialogue on the latest developments in renewable energy in China, and the role of clean energy financing in the region. The session will explore the global imperative for increased renewable energy investment, advancements in low carbon and renewable technologies, and challenges hindering widespread adoption. Register now and be part of the discussion!

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